Information about me

A Vita, colorful as a bag *mixed sweets*

  • Apprenticeship with an forward agent
  • Maid of all work in an advertising agency
  • International sales in wood import and export
  • Marketing manager in an US software company
  • Chief editor of an Internet magazine
  • Partner in a management consultancy
  • Coach for Integrative Development
  • Trainer for authenticity
  • Author and poet


As counsellor and life coach my aims are responsibility, authenticity and treasure trove of our inner potential. I am well trained and certified as a Consultant for Integrative Development by Dr. Christina Kessler.

Self-realization means turning to the inside, discovering your very own essence, connecting and bringing it out of your depths.

 My navigation tools include extensive and varying methods. I work with inner images, rich metaphor and the unconscious. I guide with respect and appreciation, empathy and understanding.

As author, writer and poet I play with words. I love themes around the search for the meaning of life. Life itself in its many forms is the core of my writing. Underlying all is a deep love and connection to life in its imperfect perfection, in which I reinvent myself again and again. My writing is with heart, mind and sometimes a sense of humor.

As a chef I would like to seduce myself and others and discover myself again and again. The kitchen is another place where I send my thoughts on a journey of research and discovery. All senses are awake when unusual combinations are transformed into extraordinary delicacies. When the spices go tango, the spirits rejoice. I cook with joy, passion and a large portion of love. The combination of cooking and coaching is unsurpassed, the success is intoxicating.