Business Coaching

Jonny Controletti - Balance between Control and Letting Go

For future Life Artist 's

This course is for you ...

  • if you want to steer your own course with no imposed restrictions
  • or to discover how to leap the bounds of imposed restriction and set enormous forces free

Relationship Wise

Everyone can relate meaningfully. The magic key is loving and mutually regarding communication .

This course is for you ...

  • if you want to improve business relationships with superiors, peers and subordinates
  • if you're stuck in relationships with family and friends
  • if you want to get to the bottom of the relationships in your inner team

High Performers – Sailing Close to the Wind

For high performers with integrated burn-out prevention .

This course is for you ...

  • if you are stuck on the in the higher-, faster-, further-spiral and don't know how to get off
  • if you have tried many methods but have not yet found a solution