Personal Coaching

Pearl Fisher - A Simple Way to Zest for Life

For pearl fishers in search of the meaning of life


This is the place for you if...

  • You want to be clear about wishes, dreams and needs
  • You feel that there must be more to life than this

Deflectiors, Preventers and Saboteurs

For Hunter Gatherers.

This is where ...

  • You can work with your "inner team" of beliefs
  • You want blocking pattern recognition and dissolve
  • You are open and curious
  • You want to find out more about yourself

Butterflies - What Does Me Good?

Offer for butterflies who want to open their wings.

The place for you if...

  • You want to re-orientate and give your life a new direction
  • You are unhappy with your situation and want to know if you really are missing something

Relationship Wise

Everyone can experience wise relationships. A magic key is loving and connecting.

This is the place for you if...

  • You are stuck in friendships and acquaintanceships
  • You want to clarify relationships within family
  • You seek changes in partnership and love relationship
  • You want to get to the bottom of relationships within your inner team

Working Mom – Get off the Treadmill

For wanderers between worlds

. This course is for you if ...

  • You want to get the double burden of a working mother in hand
  • You want to do justice to work and family without impeding your  chances

This course is also suitable for strong guys.

Metamorphosis - Cast off

Offer for mermaids and mermen

This is the place where ...

  • You want to get an idea in what stage of development you are
  • You are faced with illness, grief and loss, and want to come out unscathed
  • You want to find and strengthen your qualities