soul kitchen

Dreams Come True

The coachee has wished to conclude his sessions with a grand finale. The inspiration is from Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty and sensuality

  • Espresso khaki turrets
  • White chocolate mousse in an edible dark chocolate bowl
  • Amaretto raspberries with curd cream icing flavored with lemon zest, vanilla and tonka bean

Fruit Mandala

Relax. Let everything take its course. Sometimes a few words go very deep - and berry by berry, fruit by fruit, the goal comes into view.

Topic: mindfulness - here is an example of a junket with lemon, tonka bean, vanilla and chilli, all beneath a fruit mandala.

Hard Work - A Rich Reward

Depending on the coaching theme, sometimes muscle power will be called upon to demonstrate the difference between power and strength.

Practical examples are helpful here to illustrate how some things need their own time and turn out better when they are allowed to take the all the time they need.

Here is a crispy, spelt wholemeal loaf of bread, eaten with no garnishing - as genuine and authentic as the client!