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Ach was, Menschen!

Because homo sapiens has forgotten how to engage with the facets of love, he needs drastic turning points in life. When longing blows up, we are not prepared for its enormous power. It storms the coronary arteries, clouds the brain, takes away our breath.

Heike Winter describes the rollercoaster rides of life in an essentially simple way. Her precise powers of observation, her distinct feeling for language and the effectively worked-out final punch lines make the reader think, cry and laugh.

With childlike devotion to the unkonwn, her protagonists tear wide open the doors of hearts and give birth to homo amans, the loving human.



Kreuzfahrt, Mord und Mittelmeer

The common theme of this collection of literary works is a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea. I was invited to take part in this anthology and chose Valencia from the list of all dream destinations for my crime novel. »Golden Wedding« tells the story of Erika and Herbert Krause, a lonely togetherness and the helpless attempt to regain a life of which one has not the slightest idea how it works.

Compiled by Brigitte Lamberts and Ursula Schmidt-Speer in the Edition Caput 4 by Adakia Verlag "Kreuzfahrt, Mord und Mittelmeer" contains criminal short stories written by 17 authors.

Available beginning of October 2020 at Adakia publishing house and all bar assortments

  • ISBN 978-3-941835-75-4
  • Adakia Publishing House
  • 286 pages
  • Euro 12,00

Dürer und die Fratze des Teufels

I was invited to submit a contribution for this anthology and chose the red smith Peter Vischer, the elder, as my personality. My contribution "Der junge Schmied vom Heroldsberg" describes a crime at the end of which a guilty person is quickly found without a comprehensive investigation, as was so often the case at these times.  But is the convicted person really the murderer?

  • ISBN-10 3954282607
  • ISBN-13 978-3954282609
  • Wellhöfer-Verlag
  • Number of pages: 190
  • Euro 12,95



Jubiläums-Anthologie "30"

For this anniversary anthology contributions around the number 30 were sought.

My contribution "ein außergewöhnlicher Fall" describes the unusual turn in the life of Margarete Kleinschmidt after she lost her job. You can never tell when it will start. It just goes on, and at some point there is no turning back.

  • ISSN: 0947-1103
  • Edition BVjA 2018
  • Number of pages: 170

StreetLyrics - Portraits at our feet

Cover of the Photography art / Poetry Book »StreetLyrics«

»StreetLyrics« is a trilingual photographic art/poetry book in collaboration with the well-known photographer Stephan-Maria Aust. His photographs have inspired me to write poems. The photo book will appear in three languages (German, English, and Scottish Gaelic). A wonderful creative process from an initial amuse gueule a top class 5 star menu.

photographic art/poetry book

  • ISBN: 978-9-185765-32-4
  • 160 pages and 68 images
  • £ 35 / $ 60 / € 45

Die wundersame Spirale des Glücks

Cover für Buchtitel »Die wundersame Spirale des Glücks«

The helix is considered a sacred symbol of creation in all cultures. With love as its driving force, it transports happiness to any place in the world.

To become happy again after a stroke of fate - how is that possible? A true-to-life and practice-oriented guide.

So you can say: I am the creator of my life! I create what life wants from me, because I am the one I have been waiting for all my life.

  • Hardcover 18,99 €
  • Softcover 12,99 €



Großbritannien kreuz und quer

A German anthology with 12 humours travel reports from Great Britain

My contribution »where heaven kisses earth« is about summer solstice on the Outer Hebrides, on the Isle of Lewis, starting in the north up to the Standing Stones of Calanish.

  • ISBN: 978-3-95813-0357
  • edition oberkassel
  • ca. 180 pages and 30 colored photographies
  • 14,99 €

Die Entdeckung der Wunderherrlichkeit

Anyone interested in working with the 'inner team': Here is an exciting approach. All 16 short-stories touch-intensive and are told in a humorous way so that one is hot cockles of your heart, and you get an idea for yourself how nice it can be to deal with the inner world.

An audio book of 16 short stories for young and old 

  • Audio CD
  • ISBN: 978-3000384608
  • € 10,00

Lug und Trug

Frankfurter Bibliothek - Jahrbuch für das neue Gedicht 2015

Poem in the Frankfurt Library - Yearbook for the new poem in 2015